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    Quzhou Zhijian Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. (formerly Quzhou jutian Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd.). The company is located in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, which is known as the "thoroughfare of four provinces". Superior geographical environment and convenient transportation. The company specializes in the production of powder metallurgy "metal plastic" composite materials, "metal graphite" materials, is a self-lubricating bimetallic materials, used in radial tire slip mold and traditional oil difficult, inconvenient mechanical transmission equipment. The company has always been in line with the tenet of "honesty and pragmatism", in order to meet and exceed customers' expectations and create valuable commodities for the society and customers. After more than ten years of continuous efforts, the company has become the most professional manufacturer of antifriction plate in the tire mold industry. It has become a first-class supplier of Shandong Haomai, Hulun equipment, Shandong Wantong, Shandong Hengfeng, etc.     While constantly improving the overall quality of the company's employees, we will be committed to the research and development of new products and the promotion and application of new material frontier fields, adhering to the spirit of "pursuing excellence" of Zhijian, constantly striving to improve product quality and service quality, and meeting the challenges of the times.
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Zhijian Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Self lubricating wear plate manufacturer

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